The 3rd International High School Principal Forum Held Online at CPU

Release date:2020-11-24  Release:主页英文版

Nov. 18th, 2020: CPU School of International Education held its third "International High School Principal Forum" online on Jiangning campus. This forum invited more than 30 high school principals and officials from education authorities from Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire and Niger to communicate online and discuss cooperation, with the aim to further develop the international influence of CPU, build the "Study at CPU" brand, and attract high-quality international students. The online forum was hosted by ZHU Zhilong, Vice Dean of the School of International Education.

At the forum, Vice Dean ZHU Zhilong extended a warm welcome to the participation of the principals and officials. He said that as a national "Double First-Class" university, CPU has been actively promoting educational opening-up, enhancing the internationalization level, and steadily improving the quality of education for international students. The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to changes in teaching methods, accelerated the development of home-school co-education, and raised issues that require in-depth thinking, exploration and hard work for every educator. It is hoped that this forum can be an opportunity to build a platform for experience exchange and international cooperation, deepen understanding and mutual trust, and promote multi-level cooperation between the two sides.  

ZHANG Hongyuan, student advisor of the School of International Education gave a detailed introduction to the basic situation of CPU’s history, disciplines characteristics, pharmacy education and research, international exchanges and cooperation, international student education, enrollment policies and scholarship offerings. After that, CPU international student representatives have shared their study and life experiences.

Speeches were made by Dy Channy, the Regional Inspector of Ministry of Education, Cambodia, as well as Hans, the representative of Ichthus International High School, Indonesia. They expressed gratitude for the invitation to this online forum, and introduced the education system, their high schools, students' overseas study needs, and the current situation of Chinese language learning in their countries.

During the discussion session, the two sides exchanged ideas on the cooperation in overseas education under the background of the COVID-19 pandemic, including online student language proficiency testing, intensive short-term online language and cultural programs, construction of enrollment bases, and teacher training. Meanwhile, the representatives agreed that although thousands of miles apart, they have gained a new understanding of China Pharmaceutical University and China’s Pharmaceutical Education through this online forum. They will actively promote China Pharmaceutical University, contribute to the cooperation between schools and related institutions, and select outstanding students to exchange study at CPU, to form a multi-channel, multi-level and multi-form in-depth cooperation.  

Written by ZHANG Chen, Translated by LIU Qi

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 Photos of the Online Forum