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Professor of Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy

School of Life Science and Biotechnology

Phone: 15005161104


Research Summary

Professor HU’s research focuses on peptide drugs with anti-tumor and anti-inflammation activity. After design, syhthesis and screening of a peptide library, his group obtained peptidei nhibitors for matrix metalloproteinases. Lator on, by connection of a peptide inhibitor to an aniogenesis inhibiting peptide fragment, he designed peptide P2, which has been confirmed to have a high anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity. He is now interested in the basic mechanistic study of peptide drugs.


2006 Ph.D., Immunobiology, the Univeristy of Leuven

2000 M.S., Biochemical Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

1997 B.S., Biological Pharmaceitics, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2018-      Professor of Microbiology and Biochemical Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

2006-2007Postdoctor of immunobiology, the University of Leuven

Awards and Honors

2014       First Prize, for Pharmacy Development in Jiangsu Province, Association of Drug Research and Dvelopment in Jiangsu Province


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