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Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

School of Basic Science

Phone: +86-025-86185163

Email: 1020061158@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Bioinorganic Chemistry

The interaction of metal complexes with biomolecules,

  1. the composition, binding sites and the subsequent cleavage activity of metal complexes with peptides and proteins.

  2. the nuclease activity of metal complexes toward plasmid DNA.


  1. Construction of FRET based nanoprobes, composed of Au nanoparticles and CdTe/CdSquantum dots, and its application in the medical and biological fields.

  2. Construction of a nanofluorescent switch for early diagnosis andstaging studies of breast cancer.


2006       M.S. and Ph.D., Bioinorganic Chemistry, Nanjing


2001       B.S., Inorganic Chemistry, Anhui Normal


Academic Experience

2011-     Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, School of Basic Science, China Pharmaceutical University

2013-2014 Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

2008-2011   Postdoc. Biology, Nanjing University


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