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Associate Professor of International Economics and Trade

Associate Dean of International Economics and Trade

School of International Pharmaceutical Business

Phone: 86-138 1386 5978


Research Summary

Professor Hu’s researches focus on Pharmacoeconomics and Health Industry Policy, especially on Competitiveness Analysis. In her recently published monograph Stakeholder Incentive Mechanism in Essential Drugs Supply and Treatment, she studied the principal-agent relations between the government and pharmaceutical industries, and the drug users and prescribers using the basic knowledge from Information Economics, Institutional Economics, Game Theory and Public Policies. She then developed innovative models on giving pharmaceutical industries and medical providers both incentives and restraints, which might help improve the management of National Essential Drugs System. Professor Hu’s next research interest would be in the analysis and policy-makings on pharmaceutical company competitiveness in Jiangsu province.


2014   Ph.D.,  Social and Management Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

2005   MBA,   Nanjing University

1997   B.S.,   Economics, Beijing Normal University

Academic Experience

1997-      Associate Professor of International Economics and Trade, School of International Pharmaceutical Business

Awards and Honors


1.“Research on the incentives mechanism for stakeholders in the supply and use of essential drugs”2015Hunan science and technology punishing house

2.“Economic analysis on the obstacle to the insurance payment mechanism reform”, 2015,1, Chinese Health Economics

3.“Empirical research of influence factors on community resident signing will to family doctor”, 2014,9, Journal of Nanjing university of traditional Chinese medicine

4.“Research of Supervisory and Restraining Mechanism for the Essential Medicines Manufacturers”,2013,1, China Pharmacy

5.“Research of Incentive Mechanism for the Essential Medicines Manufacturers”,2012,12,China Pharmacy