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Professor of Pharmacology

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-13851612452

Email: hexyz@163.com

Research Summary

At present, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is increasingly high in the world, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly. However, there’s no cure for the disease. Based on the above reasons, Professor HE’s research focuses on the mechanism and therapeutic targets of AD and related drug development.In recent five years, she have gained the support of seven national and three provincial fund, including the National Natural Science Fund, Jiangsu Natural Science Fund, China Postdoctoral Science fund, Agricultural Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Fund, etc. From 2012 to 2015, she as the general superintendent of the lead unit took charge of the National 12th Five-year Plan “Major Scientific and Technological Special Project for Significant New Drugs Creation” project of Novel G protein-coupled receptor targeted drug screening system and key technology researchNO.2012ZX09504001-001and the Guangdong provincial major scientific project “Preclinical study on the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with original new drug polyprenols extracted from needles of Pinus Massoniana”. Her group applied for 9 patents on related research in which 2 patents authorized, and have published over 40 research articles in domestic and foreign journals among which more than 30 were included in the SCI.Her research findings won a Servier Young Investigator Prize in Pharmacology, the first prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Progress Award and the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University.




2002Ph.D., Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

1995M.S., Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

1992B.S.,Pharmacochemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2009-Professor of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy

2004-2009 Associate professor of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy

Awards and Honors

2010Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education


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