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Professor of Pharmacokinetics

China Communist Party Secretary, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone: 86-25-83271006


Research Summary

Professor Liu is vice-chairmen of the Chinese Pharmacological Society the drug metabolism Professional Commission(CSSX), Member of Pharmacological Association and ISSX. He focuses on  Pharmacokinetics of new drug, drug transport acrossblood brain barrier(P-glycoprotein), drug-drug interaction, and CYP450s/drug transporters under disease . He has charged seven items for the National Natural Sciences Foundation of China and published over 120 papers including 100 papers collected in SCI.


1999  Ph.D., Pharmacology, China  Pharmaceutical University

1997  M.S., Pharmacology, China  Pharmaceutical University

1993 B.S.,   Pharmacy , Anhui University of Chinese Medicine

Academic Experience

1999-present  Professor of Pharmacokinetics, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

1995-1999  Associated  Professor of Pharmacokinetics, College of Pharmacy

Awards and Honors

2007Second Reward of National Science and Technology Progress2nd,China

2004 firstReward of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress(2nd). Jiangsu


Textbook of Pharmacokinetics(Chief Editor), Phoenix Science Press, 2015, Nanjing.

Major publication(2014-  present)(as corresponding author or first author),

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acid following oral administration of Liquorice extract in rats. Chin J Nat Med  2015 ;13: 540.

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