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Professor of Pharmacology

School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83271206


Research Summary

Professor LU’s research focuses on the pharmacological activity and the mechanism of anti-tumor drug. She established a model of glioma stem cell, and found thatHIF1α / Notch-dependent signaling pathway inhibits the differentiation of gliomastem cells in hypoxia. She also found that wogonin could kill cancer cells but notnormal cells by promoting the formation of the cellular reactive oxygen species,which demonstrated guiding significance for clinical security of wogonin. OroxylinA was discovered to promote the transcription of SOD mediated by SIRT3 to inhibitglycolysis and the growth of tumor, which provides a theoretical basis fororoxylin A to develop into an anti-tumor drug. Professor LU was supported by Science Fund for Distinguished YoungScholars of Jiangsu province in 2013 and Program for New Century Excellent Talentsin University in 2012.


2009       Ph.D., Pharmacokinetics, China Pharmaceutical University

2002       B.S.,   Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese MedicineChina Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2015-      Professor of Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

2011-2015  Associate Professor of Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

2014-2015 Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan(USA)

2009-2011 Lecturer of Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2015       First Prize, for Institutions of higher learning scientific research outstanding achievement(science and technology), Ministry of Education

2015       First Prize, for Jiangsu Province science and technology awardScience and Technology Agency of Jiangsu Province


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2. Yang H, Hui H, Wang Q, Li H, Zhao K, Zhou Y, Zhu Y, Wang X, You Q, Guo Q, Lu N.  Wogonin induces cell cycle arrest and erythroid differentiation in imatinib-resistant K562 cells and primary CML cells. Oncotarget. 2014 Sep 30;5(18):8188-8201. (IF6.359)

3. Wei L, Zhou Y, Qiao C, Ni T, Li Z, You Q, Guo Q, Lu N. Oroxylin A inhibits glycolysis-dependent proliferation of human breast cancer via promoting SIRT3-mediated SOD2 transcription and HIF1α destabilization. Cell Death & Disease.2015.6:e1714 (IF5.014)

4. Sun Y, Zhao Y, Yao J, Zhao L, Wu Z, Wang Y, Pan D, Miao H, Guo Q, Lu N. Wogonoside protects against dextran sulfate sodium-induced experimental colitis in mice by inhibiting NF-κB and NLRP3 inflammasome activation. Biochemical  Pharmacology  94  (2015)  142-154. (IF5.009)

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