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Professor of Pharmacology

DeputyDirector of Basic Medicine,

School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy

Phone: 025-83271173(O),

Research Summary

1. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Pharmacology

The object of our study is to research and developoriginal new drug in these areas and to explore important therapeutic target. For example, we focus on glycogen phosphorylase to research the protective effects and mechanisms of glycogenphosphorylaseinhibtors on myocardial ischemia.On the other hand, we also investigate that the neuroprotective effects of neurons and microglia through a series ofbiochemical process alteration under cerebral ischemia.  

2. Tumor Multidrug-Resistance Reversing Pharmacology

We investigate tumor multidrug-resistance (MDR) signal transduction pathway induced by ATP-bindingcassette transporter (ABC) and apoptotic protein and explore essential qualities of ABC and apoptotic protein MDR. Furthermore, we will study new multidrug resistance reversing agents based on above thesis, which provide new thought to conquer tumor multidrug resistance.


2005Ph.D.,Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

1982  B.S., Medicine, Shandong Medical University

Academic Experience

I work in Physiological department, College of Pharmacy in China Pharmaceutical University from 1982. In teaching, I mainly instruct Anthropotomy and Physiology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Base courses to undergraduates. In addition, I teach Present Pharmacology and Recent Advance in Pharmacology lessons to graduate students for many years.

Award and Honors

1. Advanced Worker of Jiangsu Pharmacology Society. 2015

2. Excellent quality course of Jiangsu province. 2014.

3. Excellent scientific book of Eastern Technology Press. 2014.

4. Excellent Graduate Thesis of Master Degree. 2011. (Tutor)

5. Excellent Editor for Journal of China Pharmaceutical University. 2009

6. Most Cited Chinese Papers. 2008. Protective effects of scutellarin and borneolum injection on experimental cerebral ischemia in animals. Corresponding author

7. Second kind of excellent quality course of China Pharmaceutical University. 2006. Ranking 3rd.

8. Third prize of multi-media courseware of Tiankong Jiaoshi Bei of Jiangsu. 2006. Ranking 2nd.

9. Second prize of excellent multi-media courseware of China Pharmaceutical University. 2006. Ranking 1st.

10. First prize of excellent multi-media courseware of China Pharmaceutical University. 2005. Ranking 3rd.

11. Science and Technology Production Identification Certificate of Jiangsu Province. 2004.10. Ranking 3rd.

12. Science and Technology Production Finisher Certificate of Ministry of Education. Take charge of pharmacology

13. Certificate of honor in science and technology of China Pharmaceutical University from 2001 to 2004.

14.Excellent Editor for Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin

15. Second Excellent Course of China Pharmaceutical University. Ranking 2nd.


Papers and articles:

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