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Professor of Pharmacognosy

Director of Biotechnology of TCM

School of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-86185157



Long-term research focuses on the active components basis of TCM, the biotechnology of TCM and new drug discovery.

     Lead compounds discovery based on Traditional Chinese Medicine biotechnology

 Interaction of intestinal flora and active components of TCM

    Biosynthesis and biocatalytic modification of active components from TCM

   New drug discovery


2004  Ph.D., Pharmacognosy, China Pharmaceutical University

1998  M.S., Botany, Nanjing Normal University

1992  B.S., Biological Sciences, Nanjing Normal University

Academic Experience

2011-Present  Professor of Pharmacognosy, School of TCM, CPU

2007-2011   Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy, School of TCM, CPU

2000-2007  Research associate of Pharmacognosy, School of TCM, CPU

Selected Publications


Liu Jihua, Biotechnology of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Beijing: China Medical Science and Technology Press, 2015, Chief Editor

Papers and Articles

(1) Cang-Cang Xu,Ting Deng, Meng-Lin Fan, Wen-Bo Lv, Ji-Hua Liu*,Bo-Yang Yu*, Synthesis and in vitro antitumor evaluation of dihydroartemisinin-cinnamic acid ester derivatives, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2016,107:192-203

(2) Huai-You Wang, Hai-Ying Hua, Xing-Yan Liu, Ji-Hua Liu*, Bo-Yang Yu*. In vitrobiotransformation of red ginseng extract by human intestinal microflora: metabolitesidentification and metabolic profile elucidation using LC-Q-TOF/MS. Journal ofPharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2014, 98: 296-306

(3) Xu Yu, Liu Ji-Hua*, Wang Jing, Zhang Jian, Yu Bo-Yang*, A monoclonal antibody-based competitive ELISA for the determination of ruscogenin in Chinese traditional medicines and biological samples, Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, 2014, 12(10): 0794-0799

(4) Ye Xia, Ji-Hua Liu*, Jing-Han Liu, Bo-Yang Yu*, Efficient Synthesis of Guanfu Base G via Highly Regioselective Lipase-catalyzed Acylation in Non-aqueous Phase, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2012,22(9):3100-3103

(5) Yuanyuan Zhang, Jihua Liu*, Junping Kou, Jun Yu, Boyang Yu*, DT-13 suppresses MDA-MB-435 cell adhesion and invasion by inhibiting MMP-2/9 via the p38 MAPK pathway, Mol Med Report, 2012, 6: 1121-1125