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Professor of Natural Medicinal Chemistry

School of Chinese Traditional Medicines

Phone: 86-25-83271402


Research Summary

Professor LUO’s research focuses on discovery and biological evaluation of novel natural constituents from natural medicines and Traditional Chinese Medicines. He developed the on-line detection and rapid isolation techniques to find the bioactive constituents from TCMs, based on the coupling of chromatography method and spectroscopy techniques, such as HSCCC-HPLC, MPLC-MSn, HPLC-MSn-CL and Ultrafiltration-LC-MSn ect..He strongly believes that solutions for many interesting questions in TCM require a synthetic approach, with application of both comparative and experimental studies.


2001.9-2006.6 Ph.D., China Pharmaceutical University

Natural Medicinal Chemistry,Advisor: Prof. Lingyi Kong

1994.9 -1998.6 Bachelor of Pharmacy, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Academic Experience

2014.6- Professor, College of Chinese Traditional Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University, China.

2013.5-2014.5 Visiting Scholar, The University of Arizona, USA.

2009.6-2014.6 Associate Professor, College of Chinese Traditional Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University, China.

2007.7-2009.6 Lecturer, College of Chinese Traditional Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University, China.

2006.7-2007.7 Lecturer, School of Medicine and Pharmaceutics, Ocean University of China

1998.6-2001.10 R & D Centre of New Drugs, Hunan OSST Extract Co. Ltd.

Selected Publications

1. Xu JF, Zhao HJ, Wang XB, Li ZR, Luo J, Yang MH, Yang L, Yu WY, Yao HQ, Luo JG,* and Kong LY*. (±)-Melicolones A and B, rearranged prenylated acetophenone stereoisomers with an unusual 9 oxatricyclo [,8] nonane core from the leaves of Melicope ptelefolia. Org Lett, 2015, 17, 146-9.

2. Luo JG,Wang XB,Xu YM,U’Ren JM, Arnold AE, Kong LY, and Gunatilaka AAL*, Delitschiapyrone A, a Pyrone−naphthalenone adduct bearing a new pentacyclic ring system from the leaf-associated fungus Delitschia sp. FL1581, Org Lett, 2014, 16, 5944-7.

3. Fan BY, Gu YC, He Y, Li ZL, Luo JG*, and Kong, LY*. Cytotoxic resin glycosides from Ipomoea aquatica and their effects on intracellular Ca 2+ concentrations. J Nat Prod, 2014, 77, 2264-72. (IF 3.95

4. Han C, Xu JF, Wang XB, Xu XM, Luo JG*, and Kong LY*. Enantioseparation of racemic trans-δ-viniferin using high speed counter-current chromatography based on induced circular dichroism technology. J Chromatogr A, 2014, 1324, 164–170.

5. Yin H, Luo JG*, Shan SM, Wang XB, Luo J, Yang MH, and Kong, LY. Amomaxins A and B, two unprecedented rearranged labdane norditerpenoids with a nine- membered ring from Amomum maximum. Org Lett, 2013, 15, 1572-5.