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Associate Professor of Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica

School of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy,

Phone: +86-13057621416

Email: fhwu2000@sina.com

Research Summary

WU’s research focuses on investigating the effect of anti-diabetic drugs and its mechanism, exploring substance basis of Chinese medicine and developing new drug. Firstlywe explore vascular impairment and biochemical changes in type 2 diabetic rats or mice induced by high fat diet and low dose streptozotocin.Secondly, we investigate high glucose-induced apoptosis or free fatty acid-induced vascular endothelial cell and hepatocyte insulin resistance. We also investigatethe mechanism of vascular dysfunction involved with Toll-like receptor 4 and NLRP3 inflammasome pathway and drug treatment. In addition, we investigate the pathophysiology of airway inflammation in a mouse model of allergic airway disease and drug treatment. We also pay attention to isolating and identifying active compounds from medicinal plants such as Clinopodium chinenseand Saliva plebeian, developing novel natural products in collaboration with other research team.


2005Ph.D., Natural Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1996M.S., Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

1993B.S., Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Engineering, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2006-present:   Associate Professor, Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica, China Pharmaceutical University.

2015-2016    Associate Professor, Visiting scholar,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, U.S.A

1999-2006:     Instructor, Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica, China Pharmaceutical University.

1997-1997:  Visiting scholar, Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Toyama, Japan.

1996-1999: Teaching Assistant of Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica, China Pharmaceutical University.  

Awards and Honors

2014, Academic Leaders Training Award, Qing Lan Project of Jiangsu Province

2013, Training Award of fourth term of the third level "333 project", Jiangsu Province

2012, Excellent Project Award, Mentor for the National Undergraduate Innovative Experiment Project, China Pharmaceutical University


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