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Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Engineering

School of Engineering

Phone: 86-25-86185754

Email: wufawen@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Professor WU’s research focuses on the fabrication of the membrane, the design of the membrane separation process and the mechanism of mass transfer, especially in Ultrafiltraion (UF), Gas separation and pervaporation(PV). Catalytic oxidation of natural products (turpentine) is another research interest. Recently, his studies concentrate on the fabrication and microstructure control of the nanoscale Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) material, and its application in the membrane separation, the drug delivery and target release.


2006       Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, Nanjing University

2003       M.S., Physical Chemistry, Nanjing University

1998       B.S., Corrosion and Protection, Hunan University

Academic Experience

2010-      Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Engineering

2014-2015Visiting Scholar, George Institute of Technology

2010-2013Post-Doctoral Fellow of Environmental Engineering, Nanjing University

Awards and Honors

2009       First Prize, Multimedia Courseware of higher education, Jiangsu Department of Education

2008       First Prize, Multimedia Courseware of higher education, China Pharmaceutical University

Publications (Selected representatives)


1. Song Hang, Zhang Yadong, Wu Fawen (Associate Editors-in-Chief), Gong Jiyu, etc, Introduction of Pharmaceutical Engineering, People's Medical Publishing House, 2014.

2. Wang Zhixiang, Yang Song, Du Wei, Wu Fawen, Xiao Xuefeng, etc, Theory and Equipment of Pharmaceutical Engineering (First Edition), People's Medical Publishing House, 2007.

3. Wang Zhixiang, Du Wei, Wu Fawen, Xiao Xuefeng, etc, Theory and Equipment of Pharmaceutical Engineering (Second Edition), People's Medical Publishing House, 2011.

Papers and Articles

1. Hongliang Qian, Zheng Zhou, Lingling Zhang, Fawen Wu*, Quanxing Zhang, Zhibing Zhang, Thermodynamic analysis on the theoretical energy consumption of seawater desalinationDesalination,  2013, 320: 73-79.

2. Hongliang Qian, Fawen Wu, Feng Zhang, Zheng Zhou, Zhibing Zhang, An accurate calculation model for Na+ concentration in seawater desalination solution, Desalination,2013, 313:  12-17

3. Fawen Wu, Zhihong Xu, Zhixiang Wang, Yiqiang Shi, Lei Li, Zhibing Zhang, Membrane-based air separation for catalytic oxidation of isolongifolene

Chemical Engineering Journal, 2010, 158(3): 426-430

4. Ying Luo, Shujuan Tan, Hui Wang, Fawen Wu, Xiaoming Liu, Lei Li, Zhibing Zhang, PPMS composite membranes for the concentration of organics from aqueous solutions by pervaporation, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2008, 137(3): 496-502

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