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Distinguished Professor of Pharmacokinetics

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Phone: 86-25-83271192


Research Summary

Dr. LIANG’s research focuses on the pharmacokinetic & pharmacodynamic studies for Traditional Chinese Medicines based on proteomics and the regulation of intestinal flora. To data, Dr. Liang has innovated multiple new strategies and methods to establish a comprehensive system for the in-depth exploration of DMPK performances of complex Chinese medicines. Particularly, such system has been successfully applied to the research of multiple complex Chinese medicine prescriptions, including Shengmai decoction, Compound Danshen pills and Xuezhikang which have been approved by FDA of the U.S.A. for phase II clinical trials. Besides, Dr. Liang is also engaged in the PK-PD studies for biological macromolecular drugs, including octreotide, Pidotimod, etc.


2007/09–2010/06, China Pharmaceutical University, Pharmacokinetics, Ph.D, Advisor: Guangji Wang.

2003/09–2006/06, China Pharmaceutical University, Pharmacokinetics, M Pharm, Advisor: Yuzhu Hu.

1997/09–2001/06, Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Technology, Industry analysisB.S.

Academic Experience

2016/01, China Pharmaceutical University, Key Lab of Drug Metabolism & PharmacokineticsDistinguished Professor

2014/062015.06 University of Michigan, Visiting scholar

2012/05– 2015.12, China Pharmaceutical University, Key Lab of Drug Metabolism & PharmacokineticsAssociate Professor

2012/05– , China Pharmaceutical University, Key Lab of Drug Metabolism & PharmacokineticsAssociate Professor

2010/07–2012/04, China Pharmaceutical University, Key Lab of Drug Metabolism & PharmacokineticsAssistant Professor

Awards and Honors

2012 First prize, for progress of Jiangsu Province science and technology, Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province

2013 First prize, for Ministry of education, science and technology progress,  Ministry of education

2007 Second prize, for national science and Technology Progress Award in 2007,  State Council of China


Projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 81573559, The application of target-proteomics in revealing the active substances and pharmacodynamic mechanisms of traditional Chinese medicine. 2016/01-2020/12RMB 780,000In progress.

Projects of National Natural Science Foundation, 81374054, Brain protection mechanism and PK-PD studies for notoginsenosides based on the regulation of gut microbiota. 2014/01-2018/12RMB 680,000In progress.

Youth project of National Natural Science Fund81102881, Development of  key technologies for qualitative and quantitative analysis of pharmacokinetic substance of traditional Chinese medicine. 2011/01-2014/12RMB 220,000In progress.

"six talent peaks in seventh batches of high level Talents Project" of Jiangsu provincial, evelopment of new theory and new method for the compatibility study of Shengmai, 2011/01-2013/12RMB 50,000Finished.

The Jiangsu Province Natural Science Fund Projec, BK20131311, Anti-inflammatory mechanism and PK-PD studies for anguisorba saponins based on the regulation of gut microbiota. 2013/07-2016/06RMB 100,000In progress.


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