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Name:           Sensen Lin

Position title:  Associate professor of pharmacology

Address: 612 New Hall, National New Drug Screen Lab, China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China, 210009

Phone:           86 25 83271340 (office)  

15195976126 (cell phone)


Metastasis is a hallmark of cancer. Although the regulation of cancer metastasis remains unclear, it is found that some tumor types usually colonize to particular organs. Cytokines in tumor environment, especially growth factors and chemokines, are key regulators that may provide unique advantages to support cancer metastasis. My laboratory studies how these cytokines are regulated in cancer.We have identified a number of chemokines that confer significant advantages to cancer cells to metastasize to distant organs. We have also established high-throughout screening methods to search for possible anti-metastatic drug candidates.






China Pharmaceutical University



Community Pharmacy

China Pharmaceutical University




China Pharmaceutical University




University at Buffalo, SUNY



Pharmaceutical Sciences


1999-2002      Teaching Assistant, China Pharmaceutical University

2008-2009Research Assistant, China Pharmaceutical University

2010-present    Assistant/Associate professor, China Pharmaceutical University


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