Campus lifeCampus life

  • With a long history and distinctive professional features, the library of China Pharmaceutical University is the center of pharmacy literature information in China. Now the whole library consists of the Xuanwumen Campus Library and Jiangning Campus Library, with a total area of 28933 square meters. The total number of books available in this library is about 4.51 million, including more than 1 million printed documents and nearly 3.5 million electronic resources available.
  • The Pharmaceutical Museum is located in Jiangning Campus of CPU, which was built in 1936, formerly known as the Chinese Medicine Herbarium of CPU, and has developed into one of the most abundant and systematic pharmacy museums among domestic pharmaceutical colleges and universities through generations of collecting, organizing and expanding. The museum was officially opened in July 2012. It is a platform for teaching, scientific research, foreign exchange and popularization education of Chinese medicine.
  •  The College Experimental Building is designed by Henningson Durham & Richardson International Inc and has a construction area of 36,991 square meters. The exterior wall of the building is composed of ceramic panels and glass curtain wall, with the ceramic panels representing tradition and the glass curtain wall representing technology, the whole symbolizing the combination of tradition and technology, which will provide a spacious, bright and open place for scientific research.