National College of Pharmacy

Founded in 1936 (in Nanjing), China Pharmaceutical University, originally known as National College of Pharmacy, was the first independent school of pharmacy in China with Prof. Meng Mudi as its first president. In August 1936, the school rented the former site ofYanye Commercial Bank on Baxia Road and officially began its recruitment. In March 1937, the Ministry of Education allocated the horticultural field of the National Central University in Dingjiaqiao for the construction of the new school. Following the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japan, its campus was forced to move to Wuhan and Chongqing, and finally back to Nanjing in July 1946. Despite the hardship and poor conditions of its early years, China Pharmaceutical University had cultivated a lot of pharmaceutical talents for the country.



East China School of Pharmacy

Before the liberationof Nanjing, under the leadership of the underground organization of the Communist Party of China, a committee was established against the relocation of the school to Taiwan, organizing the staff and students to protect the property of the school, so as to usher in a new dawn of the Communist Party of China. In August 1949, the National College of Pharmacy was placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of Nanjing Military and Political Committee, with Guan Guangdi as its president. In June 1950, the school was placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of East-China Military and Political Committee and its name was changed into East-China School of Pharmacy, which brought the school into a new period of development.



East China College of Pharmacy

In 1952, the Ministry of Education of the Central People’s Government of China decided to begin a nationwide college and department readjustment. According to the decision, East-China School of Pharmacy merged with the Department of Pharmacy of ShantungChristian University and the School of Pharmacy of SoochowUniversity, which led to the birth of East-China College of Pharmacy. On November 16th of the same year, the school was completed and officially named, and since then November 16th has been the Anniversary Day of the school in order to celebrate this historic moment. After the adjustment, a large group of experts and professors gathered in Nanjing, including Li Binglu, Liu Guohua, Liu Guojie, Huang Lansun and An Dengkui, which greatly improved the overall levels of the school and opened a new page in the history of the school.



Nanjing College of Pharmacy

In 1956, according to the requirement of Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China that higher institutions of medicine and pharmacy should be named after the name of the city or province where they are located, the school’s name was changed to Nanjing College of Pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical school affiliated to East China College of Pharmacy was renamed as Jiangsu Nanjing School of Pharmacy. The 30 years history of NanjingCollege of Pharmacy was a critical period for the development of the school. Although it went through thick and thin, it made great achievements in teaching, research and faculty team building. The remarkable increase of the school’s comprehensive strength laid a solid foundation for the future of the university.



China Pharmaceutical University

In 1983, State Pharmaceutical Administration approved the construction of NanjingCollege of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy on the site of the medicinal botanical garden  of Nanjing College of Pharmacy. In October 1986, with the approval of the State Education Commission, ChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity was established with the incorporation of NanjingCollege of Pharmacy and NanjingCollege of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy under construction. It is a milepost in the history of the development of the university. China PharmaceuticalUniversity became a member of “211 Project” after passing a pre-qualification in May 1996. In February 2000, it was placed under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. In October 2001, it merged with Jiangsu PharmaceuticalSchool. In 2008, the university exchanged Yanziji and Zhenjiang campuses for the construction of Jiangning campus. Now China Pharmaceutical University consists of two beautiful campuses, Xuanwumen Campus and Jiangning Campus, which bring the school into a new period of development.