• Jin Nengming, male, Han ethnicity, born in October 1963, is a member of CPC. He got his Master degree in business administration. In Xiamen University, he served as Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Director of the Student Affairs Office, Director of Asset Management Co., Ltd., CPC Secretary of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In November 2012, he served as the CPC Standing Committee Member and Vice President of Xiamen University (meanwhile, during the period from January 2014 to May 2015, he was appointed as the CPC Standing Committee Member of the Bayannaoer Municipal Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government).In May 2015, he served as member of the Standing Committee and Secretary of CPC Ningxia University Committee. In June 2017, he was a member of the CPC’s 12th Committee of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. In September 2018, he served as the standing committee member and secretary of the CPC China Pharmaceutical University committee.
  • Hao Haiping, born in May 1976, got his Ph.D Degree in Science, now is a researcher and a doctoral supervisor.He has served as Director of “211 Project”Construction Office,Dean of School of Pharmacy,Dean of School of MengMudi.In August 2019, he served as vice president of China Pharmaceutical University,September 2022, served as president of China Pharmaceutical University.He is mainly engaged in metabolic regulation and target discovery / confirmation. He has won two second prizes of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and four first prizes of the Ministry and provincial level. He is the winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the young and middle-aged chief scientist (the first level) of the '333' high-level talent training project in Jiangsu Province, the winner of the first Young Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award in Jiangsu Province, the secretary general of the pharmaceutical discipline evaluation group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and a member of the National Pharmacopoeia Committee. At present, he is also the chairman of the Committee of Applied Pharmacology of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, the vice chairman of the Committee of Analytical Pharmacology of the Chinese Pharmacological Association, and the vice chairman of the Jiangsu Pharmacological Association; Editorial board members of SCI journals Brit J. Pharmacol, Acta Pharmaceut Sin B, Chin J. Nat Med, etc.Preside over the overall administrative work, and be in charge of the daily administrative work, personnel, audit and financial business. Be responsible for the President's Office, Human Resources Department, Audit Department, Planning and Finance Department, Xuanwumen Campus Management Committee, and National Key Laboratory.