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  •   The National Drug Screening Center of China Pharmaceutical University was originally established on the basis of “XinZhong Center for New Drug R&D Center” in accordance with the “New Drug Discovery and Manufacturing System” project. Our center will follow “Innovation, Interdiscipline and Continuous Development” principle; establishing new drug discovery and manufacturing systems; offering drug screening services to universities, research institutions and commercial entities world wide, with an ultimate goal of establishing a modern drug screening system and accelerating the pace of China's innovative drug research and development. 
  •   The Research Center of National Drug Policy & Ecosystem is a non-profit academic research institution jointly initiated and established by China Pharmaceutical University, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association and China Pharmaceutical Innovation Promotion Association, integrating pharmaceutical policy and industrial economy research, academic exchange and cooperation.
  • The National Licensed Pharmacists Development and Research Center of China Pharmaceutical University was jointly established by China Pharmaceutical University, China Medical Materials Association and the Licensed Pharmacists Qualification Center of the State Food and Drug Administration. The grand opening ceremony was held on November 16, 2016.
  • The Center for Drug Discovery was formerly the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry founded by Academician Peng Sixun, which was officially renamed as Center for New Drug Research in the 1990s. It was formerly affiliated to the College of Pharmacy and was subsumed into the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2013.