Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Email: pengyang@cpu.edu.cn
Research Summary
Professor YANG’s research focuses on identification of new drug targets and novel leading compounds, drug design and chemical synthesis, the action mechanism of drug molecular, and new drug research and development. The recent research focused on three main fields: (1) natural products and small molecules, structure-activity relationship studies, chemical modification and optimization, bioactivity evaluation at cell- and animal-levels; (2) discovery of new drug targets and novel leading compounds through unique virtual screening; (3) interaction studies between small molecule and protein target, mechanism studies at molecule level.
2008: Ph. D., Medicinal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University
2005: M.S., Medicinal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College
2002: B.S., Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, Shandong University  
Academic Experience
2018.03-present: Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University
2017.08-2018.02: Associate Director of Medicinal Chemistry, Bioduro (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
2015.11-2017.07: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, USA
2011.06-2015.10: Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh, USA
2008.08-2011.05: Senior Scientist & Group Leader, Bioduro (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Awards and Honors
2015      Outstanding Research Achievements Award
2007      “Professor Satoshi Omura” Award
2004      “Academician Zhen Yongsu” Award
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